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  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Action - Shooter - General, Other
  • 1987
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8  |  Gun.Smoke (NES Review)
larsoncc , 2/13/2003 4:59:16 AM

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title (pic) So, your name is Billie Bob, and you've never been married to Angelina Jolie.  You live in Hicksville.  But life isn't all that bad - you've got two six-shooters that never run out of ammunition, and mission in life: take out the Wingates.  Gun.Smoke is a beautifully done western shooter by Capcom in the same vein as 1942 and 1943.  It's obvious that a western concept like this is a perfect match for the NES, and yet...  Gun.Smoke was the only game in town for quite some time.

Gun.Smoke has a few gimmicks to it, as all shooters do.  Pressing the A button fires slightly to the right, pressing B shoots to the left, and pressing both at the same time fires straight forward.  This makes for a fairly dramatic game - you can take out enemies jumping from the rooftops, turn the other direction and nail someone firing from a window.  

The gimmick that no one likes is the Wanted posters.  The level will continuously repeat until you find or buy the Wanted poster that will let you fight the end boss.  It can get kind of frustrating - Gun.Smoke is a very difficult game at times, and if you're not in the right spot at the right time, you'll have to repeat the level (without a break).

Like I said, this game is HARD - you'll want to play this game with some sort of controller that has auto-fire, or at very least, you'll want to start with the machine gun by pressing Right 4 times, Select 4 times, then Right two times at the title screen (this also gives you ammo for the machine gun).

shoot em up, Tex (pic)Gun.Smoke gives you that "I opened a can of whoop ass" feeling when you play it.  The theme music is also quite good.  Give some Gun.Smoke remixes a try when you get a chance - you'll get the western feeling pretty quickly.  

No game made by Capcom could be completely free of oddities, by the way.  Now, there's the standard quirkiness, in the form of collecting propellers and whatnot - this is to be expected, it expanded the Capcom brand.  But there is one thing that defies explanation.

The Ninja is, shall we say, out of place.  Ninja is a very challenging boss that comes later in the game, but it makes me wonder if a programmer got writer's block or something.

Anyway, Gun.Smoke is a VERY good game.  It's definitely in the upper echelon of classic gaming, and deserves a play.  But it can get repetitive both in concept, and in actual play.  If it weren't for the Wanted posters, the game would have been too short, but I think that's a poor way of extending the life of the game.  I give Gun.Smoke an 8/10 (a grade of B).

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