Kid Icarus
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8  |  Kid Icarus: A Game With Hearts (NES)
chick3_16 , 5/22/2003 10:18:32 AM
Back in the late 80s, life was good. Nintendo was still classifying games as "action" games or "adventure" games or other types, sales were up, all was good. From that classifying system came two great games from the "Adventure Series". One of the games with the silver cover was Metroid, which spawned a legend. The other less well-known silver cover was Kid Icarus, to which no sequel was really ever made.

It's a shame really, it was a good game.

Standard info, the game revolves around our winged archer Pit, who is trying to rescue the standard princess by defeating the evil Medusa (Nintendo logic never fails). The premise is standard, but the upscrolling/sidescrolling adventure is a challenge worthy of the best player. The play control is slightly spotty at times and in the levels that scroll upwards, you cannot go back down or else you die. The castle levels were a precursor to the Zelda II dungeon design and work out very well as the most fun part of the game, at least until the Eggplant Wizard turns you into a giant Jersey creation (2/3 of the world's eggplant supply is grown in Jersey), and even then it's still fun trying to remember where the blasted hospital was.

The game looks good, has great variety, good replay value for a game of its time, and most of all, it's challenging fun for the whole family. True, it's no Metroid, but it is certainly a classic for the ages.

The game gets 8.5 out of 10 for being original and fun, with good graphics for the time, and being full of Nintendo Logic (I LOVE Nintendo Logic) but with spotty play control. Maybe if Pit paid me more hearts I would give it a 9...

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