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9  |  So cute... DIE! Lemmings Review (NES)
larsoncc , 7/23/2005 12:36:53 PM

Killing the Lemmings (pic) Lemmings has me convinced that I am truly a sick, sick man.  I can't help it - I actually enjoy KILLING the little buggers more than I like helping them!

In case you're not familiar with this game, let me run it down for you.  You're in charge of some mindless Lemmings.  They walk in a straight line, regardless of whatever peril stands in their way.  As their benevolent benefactor, it's your job to make sure that they get from point A to point B successfully.  You're given a variety of "tools" to do your job - you can have a Lemming act as a traffic cop, you can have them build bridges, etc. etc.  Basically, this is a puzzle game (and a darned good one at that!).

But the BEST part about Lemmings is that if you mess up a level, you can NUKE the lot of em.  See that button to the far right?  That button is sweet, sweet joy, my friends.  That beautiful button does the killing with style.  Pressing the nuke button puts a timer on each Lemming, counting down from 5.  When the timer reaches 0, the Lemmings stop in their tracks, grab their heads and scream something approaching "OH NO!"  Then, EACH Lemming explodes into a million pixels, showering down your screen.  It's glorious.  Did I mention that they make a "POP" noise when they explode?  It's like little, cute, furry popcorn.  

Honest to God, I think there could be something wrong with me.  Is it wrong to love the levels that have nice, inviting straight-aways?  Is it wrong to make a couple of Lemmings act as traffic cops, just to maximize the nuke effect?  SWEEEEEEET JOY.  If you're mad at one particular Lemming, you can use the "Bomb" tool, but let's get real here.  Nuuuuke them!

title (pic) Lemmings will always stay dear to my heart as the first PC game that I played using the "Ad Lib" sound card (which was soon after replaced by the Sound Blaster).  FM Synthesis seemed like an orchestral masterpiece compared to the alternative (the PC speaker).  In this, the NES version, as much of the original is intact as possible.  The only major difference is that the colors seem quite "washed out" because the NES had next to no colors (especially in comparison to the mighty VGA card).  So, NES Lemmings wins some points for being such a faithful translation.

But there is more to it than that - Lemmings is one of the more deep puzzle games I have ever played.  Even today, I have no problem spending a few hours playing Lemmings - the game has held up well over time.  The need for good reaction time guarantees that your mind will stay sharp, and the variety of puzzles will ensure that you won't get bored.  Put simply, Lemmings is one of the best puzzle games to grace ANY system.

Did I mention that killing the Lemmings is fun?

Lemmings gets a 9/10, because it's perfect for pent up aggression.

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