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9  |  Metal Gear (NES): The Review Have Started to Read
chick3_16 , 6/5/2003 3:08:07 PM
In the all time classics of the Engrish language dictionary, there are many games that have entire chapters devoted to them. Think Zero Wing, think the instruction manual for Hudson's Adventure Island. Also think of the Produsing(sic) and Desinding(sic) of Zanac. Also among the Engrish elite is a little gem called Metal Gear. Though this game spawned mega hits such as Metal Gear Solid later in its history, the original remains a challenging game full of Engrish goodies.

Engrish aside, Metal Gear is about rookie agent Solid Snake being sent to a terrorist land near South Africa to destroy a rumoured weapon called "Metal Gear" and find missing agent "Grey Fox" in the process. Of course, Big Boss doesn't speak the greatest of English, but then again, neither does anyone else. The plot is there and there are certainly enough twists and turns to make it interesting, even without the bad English. The gameplay itself is a real challenge and very intelligent for its time. Enemies will swarm after you if they hear an unsilenced gun firing. If you hang around the back of a (certain) truck, they will arrest you. If you run into a tank, you will instantly die. The game has realism on its side and you actually do feel like you're breaking into a terrorist HQ.

Graphics wise, the game looks as good as it can be. It has a very militaristic feel to it. Sound is a bit choppy, and though cigarettes are bad for you, in this game, they do have a strange purpose. Play control is responsive though hit detection could have used a bit of work. This game is definitely challenging and one event links to another quite easily. If I do have a complaint, it is the song and dance that happens every time Solid Snake dies. The dance and the song aren't really necessary, but considering how this game almost defied Nintendo Logic, it is forgivable. The Engrish in the game will keep you awake and provides some lighter moments. If you really want to get back at someone, just enter the transmitter screen and let the oscillating sound go up and down repeatedly.

So for good graphics, realistic gameplay (probably the most realistic NES game out there), and overall Engrish goodness, I give the original Metal Gear a 9 out of 10. If you get the complete set, it comes with a box, book, game, and convenient map. You'll love it.

And a thanks goes out to the folks at Zany Video Game Quotes (beware, popups) for capturing many of these fine Engrish examples.

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