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6  |  Rygar Review (NES)
larsoncc , 1/19/2003 2:06:27 PM

Title Screen (pic) Tecmo's Rygar for the NES merits another look, as the latest in the Rygar series has been met with much critical acclaim.  Well, not from THIS site, but I digress.  So, how does the original stack up to all of the fantastic NES games that we've seen during NES week?

 Well, don't stand still in Rygar.  The amazingly frequent random enemy generation will have you finished off faster than you can say "ow."  In fact, that's probably the one thing about Rygar that is the most annoying.  Like random battles in RPGs, there has never been any real need for enemies to just pop up.  It's just a fact of life with certain styles of games.

The music in the original Rygar leaves a LOT to be desired.  I felt no emotion as I wandered through Rygar-land.  The music being poor in this game gives me a far greater impression of the new Rygar in comparison.  Likewise, the sound effects are somewhere between sad and passable.  Even for 1987, this set of sounds and music just doesn't cut it.

The graphics on the other hand, are great.  For the year that this game came out, you're not going to see too many people doing what Tecmo was doing.  There is a unique graphical flavor to Rygar - somewhere between Hindu and Greek/Roman is where you'll find Rygar's world. 

The adventure of Rygar is long and difficult.  While the random enemies have a lot to do with the difficulty, you'll find yourself wandering around, wondering where you haven't been yet.  Rygar practically insists that you create and use a map to get through the game. One of the first challenges you'll face is to get a crossbow.  Good luck with that one...  Seriously, though - go through every door, visit every square inch of game screen, and KEEP MOVING.

I think Rygar is enjoyable.  Especially if you can get the game for next to nothing, like I did.  However, the average gamer will find themselves wondering why they're dying so much.

I give Rygar a 6/10. It's unnecessarily difficult at times, but the storyline and game play will draw you in.

I've been to the mountain top (pic) fight your way up (pic)

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