Super Mario Brothers
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  • Nintendo
  • Nintendo
  • Adventure - Side-Scrolling / Platform (example - Mario)
  • 1985
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10  |  Super Mario Brothers, Review
larsoncc , 1/13/2003 8:15:29 AM

Title Screen for Mario Brothers / Duck HuntVideo Games have never looked this good. In the middle of the worst video game glut, Nintendo released Super Mario Brothers, first to arcades, then to their new home system the NES. It's been said that Super Mario Brothers was single-handedly responsible for bringing the entire video game industry back into the mainstream.

The Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt pack-in for the NES sold more systems than one can imagine. Personally, I remember Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt vividly - not because the 2 games were so great, but because it was the only game that I HAD for about 3-4 months. By the time I was one month into it, I could beat the game using warps, or going level to level, and could almost do so blindfolded.

How many times have you thrown your NES controller because of this game? Super Mario Brothers "cheated" at what seemed to be the most unlikely places. A random platform jump turned into a half-hour long, 17 guy massacre. This brutality would be matched only by my fury - WHAP! The controller nails the wall. WHAP! The controller bounces off the carpet. Without missing a beat, I'd pick the controller back up, and it was good as new.

To this day, I'm sure that my parents have no idea why I yelled at the TV. The funny thing is, I thought it was pretty rough at the time. Certainly, the frustration couldn't get worse than playing Super Mario Brothers?! How we learn.

A bit about the game: Mario's world is filled with mushrooms, precarious ledges, and coins. Lots and lots and LOTS of coins. You must collect all of them, on every level. OK, you DON'T have to, but I used to reset the game if I missed even a single coin. Can you say OCD? If you have trouble with Mario, world 3-1 is where you want to be. The very last section, next to the flag - there's a group of turtles that REALLY want you to jump on them repeatedly. Trapping those turtles on the steps causes them to bounce like basketballs, which means FREE GUYS for you. Don't get too greedy with the free guys that you'll start amassing though. Too many free guys will end your game.

I think I would be taken out back and shot if I didn't give Super Mario Brothers a 10/10 (A+). What can I say, I'm weak under peer pressure.

Going Up!
OK, how'd the elevator get put there?

Coins. Bless the coins!

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