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9  |  It Took The Power Of Coleco To Bring You This One
Darryl B. , 5/27/2005 9:53:25 PM
What the hell? Not ONE single Colecovision review (at the time of this writing)? For shame, people!

For those who weren't around back "in the day" when these things called arcades were popular that people went to in droves in public places (which have been dying for the last several years, sad to say), Zaxxon was a very popular game back then. Just to watch someone play it was pretty stunning, with the excellent graphics presented in a three quarter 3-D slant.

In this sci-fi themed shooter, your fighter would scroll through these space fortresses and it was your job to blow up whatever you could. Targets included missiles that would launch vertically (make sure not to be right over one) and an occasional horizontally-flying one that would make a quick beeline for you, fuel tanks (which shooting one would add to your fuel, of course), planes (in outer space?) and guns.

Making it through an entire space platform would lead you to a sector in space (where your fuel would miracously not dissipate, for some reason) so you could gun down as many ships as possible, and then you're led to the next platform, complete with a new obstacle: force fields in between gaps in walls! In order to make it past these, you had to figure out which height you needed to be at by shooting a few shots at the shield; if you see a hit, you'd better adjust the height of your ship until your shots pass through, then you'll make it. And if you make it far enough, there's a big, awesome-looking robot boss to defeat, which, if you can do that, then you're on your way to the next platform, but the action and your fuel depletion speeds up.

I remember when my friend bought this for his Coleco, which I was disgusted to hear that Coleco added something called "Mobots" to the game (which wasn't in the original). Argh, how dare they! How blasphemus! However, they made this neat humming sound and hovered around the platforms, so I didn't really care, it was a pretty neat addition.

There really isn't much more to say about this other than giving the arcade game's description, as this was a very good port of the game, since it included all the arcade elements (plus the Mobots!) and barely shed any quality of the original at all, except for having jerky scrolling.

Well, back in the day, you'd need either a computer or a pretty powerful game console to be able to pull off the gameplay and the 3-D graphics, and the Colecovision was pretty much up to the task. It definitely made my visits to my friend's pretty pleasant, to say the least. :)

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