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10  |  Dead or Alive 2 Is NO Piece of Poo
mr_jiggles_13 , 12/6/2003 1:55:14 PM

That’s it, review over, go buy it...

Okay, just kidding, but I just have to say it again...WOW. I have NEVER, EEEEVER seen a game that looked this good on a home console, arcade machine, computer, or whatever. This is the game everyone should see before they start raving about how awesome the Playstation 2 is. From the awesome view changes when you throw your opponent out a stained-glass window, to the amazing realism of the fabrics of Ayane's second costume, to the realistic snow effects on one stage, you WILL look at this game in awe several times while playing it.

As far as the actual game play goes, this is a very cool frenetic battle, where you can reverse any move, and the moves look like they actually hurt. The music is especially notable. The different modes are great, including a four player tag team mode; this is one absolutely awesome game. This, of course, brings up the question of whether this is better than Soul Caliber. In many ways, the answer is yes, however, there are a few problems. First off, for some reason you cannot change the amount of rounds in story mode and can only play...ONE ROUND...against the computer. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???? Also, there could be a few more characters. There are, as of this date, only twelve. They are completely different from each other (as opposed to the similarities certain characters have to each other in Soul Caliber). It would be nice to have a few more. Also the last boss is...well...very weird looking, and not in a cool “hey, he looks messed up” way, but in a...well, really weird way. Also, the computer, especially the last boss, has a tendency to be on the cheap side. In Soul Caliber, when I lose, I know it was because the CPU was more skilled than I am. Here, sometimes the CPU is just being cheesy.

However, this is a game you must buy, even if you want nothing to do with fighting games. I remember the time when I thought fighting games were the dumbest thing ever…………but that is in the past……….I am NOW in love with fighters because of this game. you have to experience this game. Any problems it has are made up for by the great things about it. So go out right now, and buy this game if you can find it…..if not…………EBAY!!!

I give DOA 2 a PERFECT 10 out of 10!!

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