Record Of Lodoss War
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9  |  If you own a Dreamcast, BUY THIS!
Iloveto , 3/11/2003 8:07:39 PM
I really think the Sega Dreamcast was the most underrated system of all time (Aside from the (Joking)). It had a massive library of incredible, innovative and always overlooked games, ex. “Jet Grind Radio.” One game not many people have had the chance to rock to on the system was an anime based title with a strange resemblance to the PC series “Diablo.” That game, “Record of Lodoss War.”

Resemblances aside, this game kicks major amounts arse! RoLW is an action RPG with an open-ended quest, hours and hours of game play and an interesting leveling up system. While the story, for me at least, it sort of backburner, it keeps you intrigued mainly through the use of odd boss characters and the fact that you start the game naked and move up to goblin king in a matter of hours.

The best area of “Record” is easily its battle/level systems. While many have encountered the whole, constantly attack huge amounts of enemies by mashing the same button over and over again, this game does it so well. The enemies alone are something to gawk at; although they are small, they appear to be detailed and inventive with their attacks. The leveling system is basically you buying your levels. The game uses a substance called mithril; a sort of blue rock that has to be pick-axed out of certain caves, and is also given up by certain enemies. The mithirl is used by a blacksmith in your home base (Goblin fort) and forged into your weapons making them better and adding to your attributes in the process. The process is just so addicting, I probably had more fun gaining levels than actually playing to finish.

As for length, this game gives you options. There are a number of side-quests to be completed ala FFVII. These involve either clearing out certain baddies lairs, acquiring new and more powerful weapons/armor, to fighting a dragon that easily fills up the entire screen and hits you for a huge amount of damage. All in all, I am up to about forty hours and I still have things I could do!

If you have a yearning for that one great Dreamcast game, look no further than “Record of Lodoss War.” It has everything you could ever want in an action RPG and then some. Although the story is a little less intriguing than it could have been it retains just enough interesting ideas to keep you going to the end. And as far as comparisons go, “Diablo” ain’t got nuthin’ on “Lodoss!”

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