Skies Of Arcadia
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  • Sega
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  • Adventure - RPG (example - Dragon Warrior)
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  • VMU Save: 23 Blocks (83 for Mini Game)
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  • $20.00
  • Teen
10  |  Skies Of Arcadia
mr_jiggles_13 , 12/7/2003 10:19:52 AM
It has been a long time since I've liked a console system as much as I like my Dreamcast. Games, the one area, however, where the Dreamcast has been seriously lacking has been in the RPG genre. While there have been a couple quick distractions, nothing has compared to the square offering's on Sony's playstation...that's is, until now...with the release of Skies of Arcadia...

A tale of "air-pirates" in a six-mooned world called Arcadia, where a blue rogue named Vyse (the blue rogues are robin hood-like pirates, who steal from the rich and give to the poor, while the black rogues attack anyone and rob them), along with his best friend, Aika, attacks a flagship of the Valua empire, upon which he meets a mysterious girl named Fina. The empire will seemingly do anything it can to get her for some reason and the plot just gets more intricate from there. You'll discover new countries, each with their own characteristics (with the exception of some of the shop owners, there's no more identical townspeople here), meet a big Moby Dick-like whale and a grizzled captain hunting him down, and eventually get your own ship and crew.

What's so great about this 45-50 hour adventure is that the characters are written so well, the feeling of exploration done so nicely, and the dialogue so much a part of who the characters are that when you find yourself having to put in disc two, you're actually disappointed that the game is half over. I mean, even the minor villains and your eventual crew members all have their own personalities and characteristics, as opposed to the last game to do something like this, Suikoden, where most of the 108 crew members you had were quite generic and had no personalities of their own (come on, did you REALLY care about Antonio the cook or Mace the smith?).

When you fight, wow...besides traditional turn based battles without any of that Square time limit stuff, you also get ship-to-ship battles which really require you to think before you act and the properly manage your items and magic. The first battle or two will probably be confusing, but once you get the hang of what to do with your ship, you'll be deep in the best aerial combat since panzer dragoon saga for the Saturn.

Not to mention that the music is just unbelievable, and during battles, actually reflects whether your party is doing well or not. Have you ever been in a RPG maze and wished you had a map? Well, here you get one, but only showing the areas you've been to (which, I think, prevents confusion). Not only that, but the jump pack vibration and the VMU are used very nicely here and are totally recommended if you don't have them. All in all, it's probably in the top five of RPG's I've ever played.

As for problems, besides the basic inherent troubles of random battles (they can sometimes get annoying when you're trying to find something or go somewhere), the explosion of the last boss isn't special looking enough. but, honestly, that's all that's wrong with this game. If you have a Dreamcast, buy it or if you don't, buy one just to play this.
I give Skies of Arcadia a 10 out of 10

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