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FAQs / Walkthroughs

Time Stalkers FAQ
larsoncc , 9/14/2009 7:48:38 AM
                        ZOMG, A PORTUGUESE PRODUCTION

Guide name:    Secret Characters Guide / FAQ
For game:      Time Stalkers / Climax Landers (NTSC+PAL)
Platform:      Sega Dreamcast
Version:       1.0, released on 7th July 2007
Author:        Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves (Saoshyant) 
License:       Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License
Made in:       Kate, ISO-8859-1 encoding, and using Split Infinity's layout
Best viewed:   With a Monospaced font and the Firefox or Opera browsers

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Warning: The following guide may have some sarcasm and mild swearing, as well
as spoilers. If you are easily offended, please do not read it. Thank you,
and have a nice day.

01.)                       LEGAL INFORMATION - G0100

Copyright © Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves.  Some rights reserved.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
License.  To view a copy of this license, visit 
//creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative
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For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the licence
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Your fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above.

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02.)                       TABLE OF CONTENTS - G0200

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01.) Legal Information      | G0100 | Copyright and license info.
02.) Table of Contents      | G0200 | Sections of this guide.
03.) Latest Updates         | G0300 | Read what was added in the last update.
04.) Introduction           | G0400 | Self-explanatory.
05.) FAQ                    | G0500 | Frequently Asked Questions
06.) Secret Characters      | G0600 | Information on how to obtain them.
07.) Past Revisions         | G0700 | Version changes can be found here.
08.) Honour Roll            | G0800 | Contributions and stuff go here.
09.) Contact Info           | G0900 | Find out why you shouldn't reach me.

03.)                        LATEST UPDATES - G0300

- Version 1.0, (07th July 2007)
# Initial release.  There's probably no need for further updates, but we'll
  see how the situation turns out.

  For some odd reason, it's almost exactly one year since I released my first
  FAQ: the Gun Mage Challenge for FF X-2.  Not much of a SEGA game that one.

04.)                         INTRODUCTION - G0400

Yeah, well, Time Stalkers was not a great game, I have to confess.  Bugs,
unbalanced game play, bad graphics, awful story...  Why the hell even bother
with it?  I don't know.  I just know I couldn't stop playing til I finished
it.  And by finish it, I mean obtaining all characters, monsters, and getting
the minor character's stories as yellow text (that means listening to
everything they had to say, as well as witnessing all key events possible).
But my item list was around 60%, or something, so I'm not hardcore.  Life 
sucks, huh?  Maybe to you.

Anyhow, I had a hard time getting Marion, as well as Cooks and Yoshio.  I
remember spending around 20 hours coming and going to the Doll House to find
Marion, only to be frustated at every attempt.  All because nobody told me I
had to finish the game to make her appear.  And I was so afraid that if I
finished the game I wouldn't be able to get her that I just keep trying and
trying.  Ahem, what I meant to say is that my frustration came out of lack of
information on gaming web sites like GameFAQs.  So, I decided to write this
little FAQ thing.

It may help you, but I don't care if you like the game or not.  Climax is
probably gone now.  They were never a big company to begin with, and SEGA's
dead.  Oh, I still hear rumours that there's some giant company out there
named Sega Sammy, which is making abominations to Sonic, but I rather cover
my ears and go lalalalalala.  I refuse to believe this so-called SEGA has
anything to do with the SEGA I knew, the one prior to Sammy that made awesome
videogames and really neat hardware.  For that SEGA alone, I would write FAQs
for every SEGA videogame there is--if I had nothing better to do that is.

Remember: it's thinking.  And: the legend will never die.

05.)                   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - G0500

Q. Who are the secret characters?
A. Marion, really, is the only secret character.  I consider Yoshio and Cooks
secret characters, as well, because they are unique characters and quite hard
to get, but you may only use them as "monsters".

And, speaking of monsters, there's also these dragons that replace the final
boss and which you may capture, but only with a 5% chance--sometimes, not
even that.  Worth it?  Possibly Maybe.  I wouldn't bother with them.

Q. What is the most important thing to keep in mind to get them?
A. Simple: DO NOT CLOSE THE BOOK.  Closing the book activates the ending
sequence and, from what I heard, you lose your chance to get them.  Do not
save the game either, if you opened the book.

Q. What other secrets are there?
A. Lots.  I got the information about Lady's friends on a web site full of
stuff regarding the Ultima series, I think.  I lost the address, but there
was a lot of stuff there about Time Stalkers, as well, like how to use the
Yogurt Ring to gain insane amounts of Exp, how to understand what Kiwi says
(hint: read backwards and remove the first letter), how to get the 8 dragons,
clone monsters, and information about a bug that may corrupt your VMU save
file (hint: do NOT learn too many skills).

Q. How useful are the legendary items?
A. Not much, really.  They are quite hyped.  The game is too easy--unless you
play without monsters--and you don't really need to spend days looking for
them.  If you do find one, get ready to waste insane amounts of money to
power it up for real.  It's supposed to be a vicious-cycle of a-time-wasting,
except it doesn't work.  You get bored way too fast.

Q. What can you tell me about the characters?
A. A little bit, I guess.

OK, I'm lying.  Quite a bit.

As you should know, Nigel and Friday come from Landstalker, which was an
awesome Action-RPG game for the Mega Drive AKA Genesis.  Lots of people seem
to compare Landstalker with The Legend of Zelda for the SNES, but I can't see
why.  Nigel's a thief.  Link's a mute-save-the-princess hero.  One jumps, the
other teleports among worlds.  Seriously though, both games are awesome.
Zelda is beatable, and Landstalker is insanely hard.  Also, everyone knows
which one of them is more famous than the other.

In Time Stalkers, Nigel is described as a wood elf, while Friday has less
scenes than that guy wearing a dress on a fancy shop.  I would rather see
Friday doing silly things than listen to hours of rambling by that screwed-up
Masaru guy, but that's Climax for you.

What else to say?  Nigel has a silly ending, lots of treasure/dungeon-related
skills, and spends most of the game goofing off.  Interesting moments come in
the form of his growing relation with Pyra, and Climax claims that they both
come from the same world, but different eras.  However, the creators of the
Shining series dismiss this, and regard Pyra's presence as a mere cameo.  The
Landstalker world seemed pretty interesting and, since its story happens in
the "future" and no less than in an island, it's pretty possible to stick the
action somewhere on the large map of the Shining world.

Trivia: In the Japanese (and French version) of Landstalker, Nigel's name is
Ryle.  In the German version, he's Niels, and Friday is Flora.  Now you're
ready to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

Then, there's Sword.  He's a new character, who spends most of the time
trying to escape a dream world, so he may go back to a world that hates him.
In his spare time, he talks with dogs.  For hours.

Through his dreams, you may learn that Sword is a kind of vampire, a dark
one, but I think nobody cares.  Did I mention he has a dog fetish?  Oh, and
he doesn't communicate with anyone, but Marion.  A doll!  Yes, he's quite the
screwed-up character.

Next comes my favorite character: Pyra, Pyra Myst from Shining in the
Darkness, the first Shining game by Camelot and Climax.  Pyra has suffered
major changes in Time Stalkers.  She's way more cute and nice now, and seems
to have an obsession for her training as a "sorceress" (where did Climax get
this from?).  The original Pyra was taller, wore a plain magician robe, and
was quite a mean bitch.  I think I spent 70% of TS playing as her, but I also
seem to have an obsession: elves + magic users = instant win.  Cinna knows.

Pyra's legendary weapon allows her to use Astral Strike.  Astral Strike made
the really nasty battles (e.g. getting surrounded by Executioners) too easy,
especially considering she could cast it twice a turn.  Astral Strike never
misses, can hit with any of the three elements, and is a level 4 spell.

Pyra also has the best ending sequence of all characters, and that's saying a
lot, as most ending sequences were quite the crap.  However, I have no idea
why they changed Milo's name to Daniel.

There's a few more characters left to talk about.  One of them is Lady.  Lady
hails from Ladystalker, which is more or less Landstalker for the insane.
Yes, Ladystalker was quite the strange game.  Released for the SNES, a non-
-SEGA system, it featured a wild cowboy girl that hated autorithy (and this
from Japan were women obey!), who travelled the world searching for adventure
with her old tutor Yoshio and an homosexual cook, Cocks his name.  Yes,
Cocks.  I for one am glad they "fixed" the spelling of his name in TS.  TS,
as it is, has enough faggotry with Sansan, Masaru, and the guy in a dress.

Lady's character and visual was left mostly unchanged, her ending sequence
was funny, and she's actually one of the two challenging characters to
control--the other one being Rao.

And speaking of Rao, I think he comes from Mystaria, a Shining Force-like
game for the Saturn, but I have not played Mystaria to this day, so I'm not
able to confirm this.

Well, what can I say about Rao?  He's a lion man, and one of the most honest
(and gullible) characters you'll find anywhere.  Quite powerful, able to
equip fist gloves as well as staffs (or is it staves?), but with no Magic
powers whatsoever and with too little Dexterity to hit anything turned him
into a challenging character to control.

Rao and the guy wearing the dress...  Well, it gave me one of the most
unpleasant images in my head that stood there for quite a while.  And that
would be the lion man muttering "Rao..." in a tiny little kitten mew, as he
got . . .  What the Niflheim am I talking about?  Shall we move on?

Finally, we have Marion.  After watching too much Rozen Maiden I cannot
stand Marion.  What a shame.  If she comes from any other game other than TS,
I have no idea which one that may be.  She's the strongest character in TS,
but I got her so late that it wasn't any fun to play as her.

In TS, Marion's wish is to become a human, or to understand how human
emotions work, or whatever, but this was so badly achieved by the TS writer
that it turned what might have been an interesting little story into
something intolerable to watch.  Also, doll joints.

I hope PEACH-PIT didn't take any ideas from Marion, because that would be
insane...  And by insane, I mean retarded.

Should I also talk about Yogurt?  Yogurt was a debugging character for the
first Shining Force game, but its creator felt the design was so odd that he
should be included as a playable character.  Climax seems obsessed with
Yogurt.  Lots of characters mention him (Mr. Wire comes to mind), there's a
whole bunch of pictures of Yogurt in the Fancy Shop, and you may get a Yogurt
Ring from Noiman's quests.  If you do, you turn into Yogurt inside dungeons,
just like in the original Shining Force.  There's also a Yogurt mini-game
that you may download to your VMU, but mine did not have enough room to test
it, so say sorry sai, as I will not be able to give you any information about
it.  You do not need to play the mini-game to get a Yogurt Ring, though.
They show up randomly as prizes for some of Noiman's quests.

06.)                        SECRET CHARACTERS - G0600
The following is addressed in this section:
Marion ---------------------------------------------------------------- G0601
Cooks and Yoshio ------------------------------------------------------ G0602

A - MARION - G0601

It's actually quite simple to get Marion, but for me it was the Niflheim to
get her.  All you need to keep in mind is that you need to finish the Last
Dungeon for the first time, and you should not close the book.  If you do,
you must reset.

Afterwards, go to the Doll House and search every floor.  You do not need to
search the orange areas, and she should be somewhere on the last few floors
(Doll House has 13 floors).  She's easy to recognize: doll shaped and half
the size of Pyra.

If you do not find her, try one more time.  If she still won't show up, reset
to the last save.  After you do find her, exit the dungeon through Escape, or
just beat the Doll Maker creations on the last floor.

All's well now.  The hard thing really is to find her.  Now go over to
Noiman's house--the one standing on top of a giant turtle with the cartoon
flowers--and a cut-scene will happen.  Noiman promises to fix Marion.  Go
into whatever dungeon's closer, probably the Fire Mountain and, when you exit
it, return to Noiman's.  Marion will grow up--a bit taller than Sword, I
reckon--and will start yapping about how humans are interesting and what not.
Now, you may play as her.

A few last notes: Marion equips boomerangs and magical rods, but not both,
like her clones do.  And by clones, I mean the look-alikes that sometime show
up on the Doll House's last floor.  Don't try to capture them, it won't work.
Marion also has some of the most powerful and useful skills of all
characters, together with high status and twice the hunger meter.  She won't
ever walk straight, though.  Go figure.

If you want to see cut-scenes with Marion, you need to watch Sword's dream
sequences.  To do this, you will need more than 30% complete in the item list
and to have all characters.  Go into whatever dungeon as Sword without
monsters or equipment, and let him die.  Of course Master brings him back and
alive, but Sword will have a dream.  Do this twice more, and you'll see two
other dreams.  After the third one, Sword will wake up with Pyra and Lady
being mean to each other.  Take Sword to the Doll House, and Marion should be
at the entrance.  Talk to her.  Now, when playing as Marion you'll find Sword
hidden on the side of Clock Tower (facing the Shrine).  Now, they'll both
talk occasionally.

There's also a scene with Pyra.  When playing as Pyra, check Sword's House,
and if Marion's there, something funny happens.  Speaking of funny events on
Sword's house, when playing as Nigel, try to get Rao and Friday there (it's
somewhat random).


Getting Cooks and Yoshio is also a bit tricky, as it seems random.  Before
finishing the game for the first time--as in, to get Marion--make sure you
have room for two more monsters in the Monster House.  Making sure you have
free capsule space doesn't hurt, either.

Now, after you finish the game for the first time--without closing the book--
you should go to the Monster House.  If all's well, Cooks should be there on
the list.  Put him into a capsule (that must hurt) and drag him into whatever
dungeon you prefer.  I recommend the Doll House, so you'll go and try to get
Marion in the process.  You have to use Cooks, so when you exit the dungeon
he'll count as a monster in the complete monster list.

Go to the Last Dungeon again.  The previous boss is now replaced by a dragon,
which you may try to capture (good luck, champ).  After beating the dragon--
and avoiding the book--return to the Monster House, and Yoshio may be there.

If until this point you haven't got any of them, you still have a chance to
get them as long as you keep beating the Last Dungeon and returning to the
Monster House.  Like everything in TS, this is somewhat random.

Make sure, however, that after getting Yoshio you will use him in a dungeon,
or he won't show up in the completed monster list.

Are Cooks and Yoshio worth it?  Not really.  I prefer to use a Knight and a
Priest.  Now that's worth it.  But if you are reading this guide, chances are
you'll try to get them nonetheless.

You'll not see any cut-scene with either of them, not even if you play as
Lady.  They only seem to show up during the credits.

07.)                        PAST REVISIONS - G0700

- Version 1.0, (07th July 2007)
# Initial release.  There's probably no need for further updates, but we'll
  see how the situation turns out.

  For some odd reason, it's almost exactly one year since I released my first
  FAQ: the Gun Mage Challenge for FF X-2.  Not much of a SEGA game that one.

08.)                       THE HONOUR ROLL - G0800

This section will feature anyone that helps improve this guide.  Right now,
it's empty.  Take a guess on what that means.  Yes, I'm waiting for your
contributions and suggestions.

09.)                         CONTACT INFO - G0900

If you want to contact me, waste a day or two thinking about it.  After that,
think some more.  Still want to send in something?  Are you sure?  Then, do
read the following guidelines:

- The Subject of the e-mail must include "Time Stalkers" or "Dreamcast".

- Make sure your e-mail is readable, as in proper English and an actual 
  message.  Flaming and other crap will be blocked without a second thought.

- Don't ask me to send updates of any guide, because I won't.

- Make sure you've read the guide before asking any question. You'll probably
  find your answer here or in another guide, so please don't waste your time
  and mine.  It's for the best.

- And, of course, if you want to provide some help or contribution to improve
  this guide, you'll be more than welcome to.

E-mail/Jabber: justivo@gmail.com

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