Whip Rush
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9  |  Whip Rush
Makineri , 3/13/2003 1:38:28 PM
Whip Rush, for the Sega Genesis, is one of the most supremely satisfying shooters I've ever played.

In many ways, it's a clone of every other shooter game since the beginning of time. You're in a space ship, and you have to fly through waves and waves of baddies, blowing up everything that moves and collecting weapons power-ups. There's a story somewhere in there, of course, but who pays attention to the stories in shooter games?

The graphics in this game are superb. The screen is a constant flurry of action, with very little noticable slowdown. There's always a lot going on on-screen at any given time, and the backgrounds are extremely well done.

The sound gets the job done - the music is very good, and the sound effects are standard shooter blips and explosions.

Now on to the good stuff - The gameplay is the best of any shooter game I've ever played. This is a relatively easy shooter title, and is a great introduction to the genre. It's still challenging enough to need a few continues, except for the most experienced gamers. There's a lot of innovation, such as being able to control your speed (a vital element in the later levels, where you have to slowly maneuver through mazes of obstacles - epecially perilous because, if you get hit by anything (including terrain) you're instantly destroyed if you have no power-ups.

The power-ups include three weapons - Lasers, which fire straight ahead in a concentrated beam; the missles, which branch out and have limited "seeking" capability; and the fireballs, which fire in the direction OPPOSITE to the one in which you're currently moving. You can also have up to two "pods", satellites that fire whatever weapon you have at the time, and fire in different directions, depending on the placement of the pods and whatever weapon you're using at the time.

The level design is very well-done; levels range from tropical rainforests, to an underwater cavern (where your speed is maxed out at 2), to deep space, and many others. There's a boss at the end of each level, and these are all a lot of fun to fight, and usually not too hard once you figure out the trick.

Replay value is relatively high - it took me a few tries to beat the game, and I like to go back through it every once in awhile.

If the only shooter experience you have is "R-type", check this game out. You're in for a pleasant surprise.

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