Final Fantasy X
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9  |  Final Fantasy X. Get better voice actors.
chick3_16 , 5/13/2003 6:22:35 PM
Final Fantasy X was the first FF game on the PS2, and it does share similarities with FF7 (first FF on the PSX). Like FF7, the game has some not quite perfect quirks. The female voice actors (especially Yuna's) were terrible. The male actors were alright (though I did like Auron's voice quite a bit), but it is clear that it is one of the aspects that will improve for FFX2.

Bad voices aside, the graphics are flawless in this release. The battle system is no longer on active time, breaking the trend of the last 6 FF releases. This may disappoint some hardcore fans, but the well designed battle system makes up for it and then some. Also gone is the EXP system, replaced by the sphere grid. The sphere grid in my opinion is half the fun of FFX and if one can get their hands on the international version of this game, (not available in North America without ordering overseas) do so because the sphere grid in that version is a lot more open ended for fully customizable characters, something I've wanted in an RPG for a long time.

The story itself is involving but quite linear for most of the game. It starts out with you (Tidus) getting sucked into an unknown world by Sin, the enemy. Eventually, the truth behind the new world is revealed and the story is fun to watch unfold. If you like freedom in your games though, and I mean really like freedom to wander, you may be turned off by this game. But overall, the game lives up to the franchise with its uniqueness (third straight game where Square totally changed character development) and its great storyline. Better voice acting, and perhaps a second disk for some more depth and variety will make FFX2 really shine. So take this review as positive, but also that the game could have used some improvements. Overall, it gets a 9 out of 10, much like I'd have given FFVII when it first came out over its blocky graphics and jagged cut scenes, only because the game shines through the imperfections as only Square can do.

The game is a reasonable price now, and the fun is there for RPG fans. I do not recommend this as baby's first FF game though. For that, FF7 did quite well and it also works on your PS2.

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