Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
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  • Midway
  • Midway
  • Action - General, Other
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  • 1-4*
  • memory card
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  • $12.00
  • Teen
5  |  Not much to say.
EWom , 1/1/2004 11:05:57 PM
Well, if you remember Gauntlet as that fun game in the arcade you and your friends put countless tokens into, you should feel right at home playing this version. However, it really is meant to be played multiplayer.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, is a 3/4ths topdown view, hack and slash game. You pick your character, you mash x and square to kill opponents as you walk through levels. There are two different types of fighting, ranged (wizard, sorceress, archer, jester) and melee (warrior, dwarf, knight, valkyrie) however; all characters can hit from range, and from melee range. It's said that the range fighters do more damage from afar. For example the wizard uses magic to do damage from far, but just bonks enemies with his staff while close. If you are alone while playing, the staff will be the your primary weapon, because you get overwhelmed with enemies most times, and can't just stand back and shoot. But it doesn't matter, the only stat I found really helpful in the game was speed, and that was simply for going through the game faster. Magic, strength, armor all seemed to have very small effects, speed is where it's at.

So overall the character choice isn't really that useful, as all characters are just as effective, and at the end, most stats will be close to maxxed out anyway.

The part that kills this game is there is absolutely no strategy involved. Sometimes they try and force you to hoard your keys by saying that there are not enough keys for the level, but I never had a problem with that; and it really didn't effect that difficulty of the level at all. For all but two of the bosses, the basic strategy is this: Stand in a corner, hold down X. Hit R2 on occasion to block attacks. Yes, even on the end guy; who a powerful wizard cannot defeat, this is the strategy. It is qutie sad that the first boss you come to, is more difficult than the last.

All the levels are relatively easy as well. Most you should be able to breeze through, only the last ones before the end boss are tough, and that is simply because they throw hundreds and hundreds of enemies at you, with limited food to keep your health up.

The secrets are quite disapointing as well, you work through the bonus levels, to unlock a character, that is just like one you already have; except, these ones do not change as you level up. So at least with an original character, your armor and weapon will change as you level.. with say the minotaur, you are stuck with the loin cloth and rusty axe all through the game.

One player, this game is no fun after about the 3rd level. Multiplayer, it's a decent way to spend the time, however you will probably only want to go through the game once. I suggest giving this game a rental before buying. I give it a 5/10.. nothing special, but not bad enough to get below average.

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