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4  |  Shoulda bought beer
Raindog , 3/31/2003 2:01:58 PM
This game was only 20 bucks. At first, I thought "what a deal! What a steal!"

With all the round ball games out there, I would save up a few more pennies and splurge for something else if I were you. If 20 smackaroos is all you have, then I suggest a cold case of Labbatt Blue and some hot beef jerky.. Much more rewarding.

The theme of the game is that you’re in a trio of big money pro's playing some good amateur street ballers. After a few games you play the level bosses. They’re all really easy. Controls are a cinch to master, and the game is easily beatable. Not a bad game if nothings on the tube, everyone’s out and you need to feel like you’re really good at SOMETHING!

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