Onimusha: Warlords
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  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Action - General, Other
  • March 2001
  • 1
  • Memory Card
  • 1
  • $4.00
  • Mature
10  |  Samurai STILL kick ass.
marvin_duran , 1/10/2003 12:03:03 PM
After more than 2000 years of peacefully coexisting with enemy nations, death and detruction reign anew. Onimusha: Warlords proves that samurai still kick ass.

Onimusha has all the elements of a classic samurai movie: demons, blood, a hot chick, and a tough as nails hero: Samanusake (pronounced Samanúske). The story line in Onimusha: Warlords is a classic one: a rival clan plans on overthrowing your clan - and the rival clan has summoned the help of some demon cult. Samanuske comes to the rescue and has to find the princess before she is sacrified to the demons to bring upon this earth Lord knows what greater evil.

The story unfolds with cool looking FMV and some in-game chit-chat between characters which, by the way, are beautifully rendered and played.

The game itself is action driven, which means a lot of monsters to kill. If you like to hack and slash your way trough a crowd of pig looking demons, this game is for you.
You will also find some interesting puzzles and secrets. If you beat the game once, you can play again - but this time our hero wears a funny looking Panda costume; it´s hysterical. If you beat again Warlords again, you onlock another mini-game: Oni Spirits. In Oni Spirits, you have to free spirits for a reward.

To sum it all up: the acting is great, the graphics are top-notch, the boss monsters are HUGE (some need as much as 70% of the screen) and Warlords has a great replay value. Another cool thing is that you can listen to the game in both English and Spanish (with subtitles both ways).

Another reason to buy it? it´s only $20 bucks, being recently added to the Greatest hits line of games. Buy, enjoy it.

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