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8  |  Madden 2003
kerfuffle , 10/12/2003 1:42:45 PM
I think that Madden is a cool game. It's football and football is good. The graphics are great, the sound is pretty good and the controls are nice and simple and easy to remember. There are plenty of different ways to play including tournaments, drills, practices, and franchises, and of course the plain old play. It also includes the create-a-player, create-a-team, and create-a-playbook options. The create-a-player option is great, letting you choose everything from the skill of your player, to what colour his hair is, to whether he weighs 400 pounds or 150. The create-a-team is just as easy. You choose where your team is from, what their usual weather is like, and what stadium they play in.You can also make their jerseys from a variety of different colours and designs, and choose their logo from a wide arsennal.

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