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7  |  A brief review
schoolsucks , 12/20/2002 9:15:23 AM
I got this game early in 1994. The visuals on the box were just totally striking and as a big fan of Rambo movies, I had to pick up this game.

The game is loosely based on the movie, Rambo 3. Rambo's mentor and old friend is kidnapped by Russians in Afghanistan and Rambo goes in to his rescue.

The game is from a top down perspective, with a slight 3-D feel. Rambo uses only a machine gun and a knife. One shot kills Rambo, there is no health meter.

The missions are nice and challenging enough. There is a lot of variety in this game. First mission is just shooting. In the second one Rambo is in a jeep and must use the mounted gun to kill. Third mission is about stealth. Rambo can only use the knife. Fourth is all about blowing stuff up. In between there is sort of a bonus round where Rambo uses his bow and arrow to blow up a tank and helicopter.

Like all other games of its era, score is really important. Score is giving based on time, stealth and speed.

The shortcoming of this game is that it feels very "Gameboy" like. Mega Drive is capable of much more.

All and all this is a very fun game and I have many formidable memories associated with it.

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