Puyo Puyo Sun
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  • Not Released in the USA
6  |  Poopie what?
Iloveto , 3/5/2003 3:24:32 AM
When it comes to rehashing an idea over and over again and continually making it seem new and fresh, the “falling block” style of puzzle game has to be in a league all its own. And that’s just what “Puyo Puyo Sun” is, just another “falling block/thing” puzzle game, and yes, for some reason, it feels fresh.

As far as puzzle games go, PPS is pretty standard fare with its real prowess in the form of completely off the wall characters and animations. The shame is that I really can’t read Japanese so what they are saying is completely unintelligible to me, but I think that’s half the fun! As for story, I guess some devil guy is doing something and you have fight him using these blob things in a sort of “Tetris Attack” style battle puzzle game.

The game plays very similar to “Dr. Robotniks Mean Bean Machine,” and that’s probably because it’s the same exact game. It’s more combo based than anything, there is no way of winning unless you can actually fight the other player by dropping garbage blocks on them, if you use the standard “Keep my pile low and I will eventually win” method, YOU WILL LOSE.

Puzzle games also have the unfortunate side effect of becoming tiresome if you are truly unable to play them, which PPS compensates for quite well. The skill levels are all pretty well set on a good learning curve, with the easiest setting helping you with pretty inept computer players; to hard just flat out teaching you a lesson in ten seconds flat.

Puzzle games like these are slowly going the way of the buffalo; the past is our only window for such greats like “Tetris Attack” and “Baku Baku.” Although “Puyo Puyo Sun” is an interesting mix of battle and thought, it still trails behind the leaders of the pack by losing its flavor a little prematurely. While not a bad game in any sense, it is in no way the top for the genre.

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