F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
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6  |  F-Zero: MV: In the Shadow of the Console Versions
rageahol , 11/29/2003 10:13:00 PM
When I purchased my Gameboy Advance 2 years ago, the game I chose first (for reasons I can’t remember) was F-Zero Maximum Velocity. I was amazed at the quality and knew I had something special. However, it seemed that the game got boring a little faster than usual.

“Absolutely phenomenal!” I said when I first flicked on my GBA system. I hadn’t ever imagined that I would behold such smooth graphics in a handheld game. Even now, I am impressed when I see it.

The controls are sharp and the many split-second decision are made easy. It’s a fun game to play when you are in the mood for futuristic racing.

There are 3 slots for saving in FZMV.

Replay Value
As I mentioned above, this game for some reason got boring unusually fast. It’s not that it’s a bad game, because that wouldn’t be right. It just didn’t seem all that exciting. Maybe it’s because you are only racing against 8 decent cars instead of 30. Then there is also traffic for what reason I can’t figure out.

This game isn’t exactly a star for sound, but it provides the futuristic tunes that the game requires. The whooshing of the engines is okay as well.

Strategies and Features
Unlike its successor, F-Zero GX, and predecessor, F-Zero X, FZMV does not take you on a 1900-2300 m/h thrill ride. Try something more like 300-400. It also does not include F-Zero legend Captain Falcon (although there is a character who claims to be his son), or any previous F-Zero racers. Expert and Master classes are generally easier than in F-Zero X (Nintendo 64) in the fact that they are actual possible.

All in All
Sure, it’s fun for the first few days, but think ahead before you purchase this game. However, don’t lay it out on me if you do like it. If you see it at a garage sale for 10 bucks, though, get it by all means.

Replay Value~5


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