Golden Sun
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9  |  Golden Sun is a Golden game
rageahol , 10/19/2003 9:01:50 PM
My first Gameboy Advance RPG. Golden Sun is a wonderful, easy-to-understand game that doesn't forget to include the aspect of fun in its complexity. It has a real variety of features, which such as the djinn and their many abilities.

At the beginnning there is a great storm in the hometown. There are deaths and disappearences as well as Isaac (character numero 1) and his friend meet some very mysterious travellers. 3 years later, the fatherless Isaac and his pal Garet take a trip to the village's local mountain to learn about alchemy. You are thrust into the unfolding confusing plot, then set off to rescue your teacher and other friend (and some rocks) from the ol' mystery travellers.

For the Game Boy Advance, the graphics were and are ground-breaking (considering it's a portable system). They're smooth flowing, showing no glitches or anything like that. You won't have trouble distinguishing your characters unless your far-sighted. Fire effects and such are great.

Controls are simple. Easy. Anything you want. You won't even notice the fact that you are playing a game after a while. When all is said and done this game is smooth.

Three slots for saving. Save anytime, any place, except in battle. There are no field logs because you can save in the field. Yippee.

Repeat Value
I have beaten this game many a time, without losing interest. On the fifth time, it just seems like a chore. Ahh... such is the way of the RPG. The ending may get you riled up. Remember to save on a different slot before the last boss, or you won't be able to play on that game again, even to finish off your collecting.

Music is nice, and so is this game. There is a good variety of it here, with different songs for caves, fields or boss battles and so on. It isn't nerve-wracking to listen to a battle and that's great. Sound effects are great, with the burning, the freezing and the electrocution.

Strategies and Features
Collect thy Djinn! That is the key. Djinn have many different uses, such as summoning, upgrading, changing your classes and healing. Without them, you're... well... screwed. Just collect them already, they may be tricky, they may be annoying and they may be stealthy, but they are worth it!
Oh, and don't forget: For Pete's sake and for the love of god save before the last boss!!

All in All
Golden Sun truly is a golden game and one worth owning. RPG fans, you owe it to yourselves to pick up a copy today!

Graphics ~10
Gameplay ~9
Repeat Value ~9
Sound ~9
Value ~9
Difficulty ~Moderate
Length ~Moderate

Total ~9.2

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