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Gameplay / Overview
It should be easy to find Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission for the Game Boy Advance available for purchase.

Story / Plot / Characters

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Level Password
nightelf_ds , 4/27/2003 5:02:54 PM
Statue Of Liberty: In The Statue *7*MM14
Statue Of Liberty: The Flame Of Liberty *3HMLI4
The Tower: The Tower Keeps Watch R3*3M64
The Tower: The Lift R7H3L64
The Tower: Higher Than Anything *CH3L24
The Great Wall: At The Foot Of The Great Wall *H*3M24
The Great Wall: On The Great Wall R5*3MR4
Big Ben: The Palace *3RM33P
Big Ben: The Top RHRM37P
Egypt: The Valley Of The Kings RC7M27P
Egypt: The Great Pyramid *9R33XP