Chrono Cross
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  • Square EA
  • Square Enix
  • Adventure - RPG (example - Dragon Warrior)
  • 4/20/2000
  • 1
  • Memory Card - 1 Block
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  • $20.00
  • Teen
7  |  Chrono Cross (PS1): Interesting, but without the magic.
chick3_16 , 6/19/2003 11:11:41 PM
Ask any SNES fan what their favourite game is for that system, and many will say Chrono Trigger. Ask any RPG fan what the best RPG ever was, and again, many will say Chrono Trigger. While it may seem unfair that I will compare this sequel to the original, it does have the title, and thus must live up to it, as the gurus from Faxanadu would put it. The game itself is alright, but much is lost from it's predecessor.

Chrono Cross takes place 20 years after the events of Chrono Trigger. You are now Serge, from a small fishing village. One day, you end up sucked into an alternate world where no-one knows who you are. Eventually, the link to Chrono Trigger is revealed, as well as the mysteries of the world(s) Serge happen(s) to occupy. The story is a complicated gem in itself. There are many references to the first game (revealing them would ruin the story) included. In fact, the story eventually revolves around it.

What made Chrono Trigger so magical was its story surrounding an unlikely septet going through time and space to save the future from Lavos. The game was whimsical, had story, and enough characters that it could reasonably develop them and make us care about their relationships, but not too many that their stories end up diluted. Chrono Cross has over 30 characters. Only two (playable characters) actually matter in this game, leaving the rest of the characters as dead weight. While it is fun to see who can do what, no RPG story can spend 50 hours on three characters and not get boring. At the end, you probably will not want to play the game again, even with the multiple endings for New Game +. If an RPG doesn't have replay value, it loses much of its worth.

Graphically, the game is done very well. It flows nicely with minimal loading time. The music suits the game well, but it is no Chrono Trigger soundtrack (one of the best ever in my opinion). The battle system is a bit confusing to those used to ATB systems and getting stronger is a complicated thing. Magic in this game is as limited as the original Final Fantasy's system in that you only could cast a spell once in battle and only have a limited amount.

The verdict is 7 out of 10. By itself, the game would please most, even if the story is complicted as hell. But with the name it carries, the game turns out to be disappointing as it seems to miss the magic of the original. Do not expect another CT in this offering, just a lifeless (at times) expansion on the story.

Better yet, find a millenial fair, don a strange pendant, and set the teleporter to 1999 so that the sequel ends up as great as the first. And don't send more than 3 people. Otherwise, you'll end up at The End of Time, and Fatman Games takes no responsibility if you touch the bucket that leads to certain doom.

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