i need help finding dr. dominion on sims 2 for psp

Topic: Sims 2, The
Asked on: 3/8/2007 10:39:30 PM



okay you have to go to the  division place and then you have to do quests there and then in the labrotory [must do a quest to go there] and then go to the computer answer all the questions that computer say and then you can now get the teleporter but the computers location okay if you see a black suited dude there is a door behind him and then go left you will see a door and then you see the computer okay now when you get the teleporter press o then you see a flower on the lower right then you will fight dotor dominion ps you only have 2 minutes to get the Robertas  head and get the hyper tractor from the BIG COW and then you will have to intimidate doctor dominion hint use the taser when you defeat him go to isaacs house and then give him Robertas head                                                well I hope I Helped 

Answered on: 5/13/2013 4:29:46 AM