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Most Recent Questions (50 Results)

Status Question Game or System
Answered How do you do find the Dragon?????   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered how do I get onto the place where I can drag my potion onto furdiburp? thanks   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered How do call your dog because the circle that calls the dog over isn't there they say call your dog over then say the command she/he learned but I don't know I try to speak but doesn't work plz help   Nintendogs
Answered I just taught my dog its name and I have been instructed to continue to call it. How do I do that if there is no button to start the voice input?   Nintendogs
Unanswered Do I need a startup game to have it work? I am desperate for an answer.   Game Shark
Unanswered how long do I leave my dog at the hotel   Nintendogs
Unanswered how do i get all friend areas with cheats   Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Answered how do u get negitve karma   Stick RPG
Answered Where and at what time can you find the top left ghost?   Furdiburb - Lite
Unanswered will a gameshark for the original gameboy cartridges work with advance cartridges? and will the original gameshark fit in properly to a gameboy sp?   GameShark
Answered how can i catch the sea monster iv been trying very hard... but the fishes i caught is just alternating...   Furdiburb - Lite
Pending I Have A Alarm Clock And Caffinene Pills But Still No Bus?? When Does It Open? An There Isn't Any Real Estate..   Stick RPG
Unanswered how to do the 26 hit combo with goku ssj2   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Answered Where do you find the hamchat "perksie" ?   Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak
Answered how to find the light for the butterfly inside the volcano what will i do?   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered I am stuck on the first island. I have alreasy thrown the girl across the broken bridge and now I don't know what to do   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered im in the tower of gods and there are two rooms where i have to figure out a riddle for each i cant figure it out idk what to do can you tell me for both riddles   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered Which Island do you go to to get the Skull Tree?   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered what is the esiest way to get past windtemple   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered on the 2nd floor in the tower of the gods how do i get the 2nd statue across the rainbow bridge?   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered I have looked for the tutorial but somehow markar isn't under the waterfall playing the wind aria gods song help please   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered how do i turn links body on the ropes so i can get the bombs PLZ HELP   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Answered How do i give someone something to eat   Stick RPG
Unanswered how to use a gun in stick rpg   Stick RPG
Answered how to install mugen edition 2   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered I got a n64 gameshark v 3.2 and when I put in a game the screen is blank and when I do not have a game in it starts in the number i not 5 sooooo whats up with it????   Game Shark
Unanswered I accidentally tried to start up banjo kazooie while super Mario 64 was in my game shark version 2.2 and now only super Mario and GoldenEye will work with it. How can I get it to play my other games again?   Game Shark
Unanswered what are the keys to play   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered How do you get negative karma because i am trying to sell some coce but i cant and its annoying me please help   Stick RPG
Unanswered I inserted the GameShark along with a game i wanted to play using the GameShark but the GameShark did not start with the game in it nor by its self i put in SuperMario64 and like i said NOTHING HAPPENED is the GameShark broken or am i doing something wrong anyways please help.   Game Shark
Unanswered I download a character AFGOKU and I did the same things given here in this site.I placed the name below the name of goku ssj2.When I opened the game I found a blank box with no image beside goku ssj2.I tried to select it but I could not.Please help me.   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered can you actually date Stuart?   Stick RPG
Unanswered how can magin vegeta do special moves   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered Does anyone know the factory default master code for FireRed   GameShark
Unanswered Can you get married in this game or not   Stick RPG
Unanswered im having problems with my gameshark. i downloaded the disc on my desktop computer and my laptop and it keeps telling me my gameboy isn't connected. i have the usb cable connected and the green light it on. is there something else i need to download? am i missing something?   GameShark
Unanswered When i put my legend of zelda ocarina of time with my gs it wont load and the gs dose not show numbers   Game Shark
Unanswered I have a v2.2 and when I stick it it in the 64 it only shows an 8 and nothin comes up on the tv. I have tryed cleanin it that didnt work can some help please im goin crazy   Game Shark
Unanswered When I press "play game with selected codes" it freezes and doesn't come up as me playing the game its just all black and frozen. This happens on the game the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.   Game Shark
Unanswered how do i get color codes to work for the GS Pro without Project 64?   Game Shark
Answered I have a gameshark 3.3 and only a couple of my games work with it. I heard you need "key codes" for some games. What is the key code for Banjo Kazooie and how do I put it into the gameshark?   Game Shark
Unanswered where are all the silver keys   Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time
Unanswered what is the keycode for super smash bros. nintendo 64 on the gameshark pro v.3.3?   Game Shark
Unanswered How do I keep the plane once I steal it?   Grand Theft Auto V
Unanswered How do I get the booty call?   Grand Theft Auto V
Unanswered How do I get the jet?   Grand Theft Auto V
Unanswered How do I do slow mo?   Grand Theft Auto V
Unanswered How do i get the turbines part for the spaceship?   Furdiburb - Lite
Unanswered I have been trying to play Paper Mario with GameShark but it doesnt turn on at all Just the red Digital 8 on the cartridge It works for SM64 Golden Eye and Snowboard Kids 2 but not Paper Mario What do I do Please help me p s I already cleaned the GameShark Thank you   Game Shark