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Most Recent Questions (50 Results)

Status Question Game or System
Answered Why cant my dogs go enter contests anymore?   Nintendogs
Answered how long do I leave my dog at the hotel   Nintendogs
Answered I Have A Alarm Clock And Caffinene Pills But Still No Bus?? When Does It Open? An There Isn't Any Real Estate..   Stick RPG
Unanswered can you walk around in the cities   Stick RPG
Answered How do you make Aladdin super jump off those poles? The first answer above didn't work.   Aladdin
Unanswered can you tell me where the HM for pokemon crystal are   Pokémon Crystal
Answered what do I do at the part in the Netherlands? I use my flashlight and the windmill is empty.   Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Answered How long is this game?   Super Princess Peach
Unanswered when i try to play Zelda Majora's on my gameshark version 2.0 and press play the screen on my tv turn's multi colered what do i do?   Game Shark
Answered What item do I use for the earth one to open the gate   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered How do I cure the bird   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered How do you turn all the squares yellow that's guarded by the spirits?   Furdiburb - Lite
Unanswered Hi I am having trouble finding the marker 2 and 3 can you please tell me where they are exactly??   Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables
Unanswered whenever i put in my code and press start it always freezes how do i fix that   Big League Sports: Summer
Pending why does nothing keep happening when i go to other cities   Stick RPG
Answered What is the key code for Mario Party 3 in Gameshark 3.3 need to know   Game Shark
Answered i have a gameshark pro and zelda i already cleaned it but it dosent work then i put in the enable code for majoras mask and it does but the cheats dont work   Game Shark
Answered I have a v2.2 and when I stick it it in the 64 it only shows an 8 and nothin comes up on the tv. I have tryed cleanin it that didnt work can some help please im goin crazy   Game Shark
Answered How do you get the guarded by spirits spaceship piece?   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered I have all pillars working an I'm able to get inside the castle ho do I beat th poem he speaks......?????   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered How do i get the turbines part for the spaceship?   Furdiburb - Lite
Unanswered how can i get pass the gleam glacier 7 after i've beaten bowser? i cant fly to hit the switch to remove the block thank you for the answer in advance please answer seriously   Super Princess Peach
Answered where are the toads in gleam glacier 6-3 in super princess peach   Super Princess Peach
Answered where is level 2 i cannot find it nor remember   Legend of Zelda, The
Answered how do i go to ssj3.I 've alrady downloaded the file.and which caracter do i require?   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered how do you use kamehameha   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered where can I catch the rare dogs pokemon   Pokémon Emerald
Unanswered how can i get pass the gleam glacier 7 with the ball Note YOU CANT FLY   Super Princess Peach
Unanswered where do i find the raft and or dungeon tree so i can play level 4? e jaeger   Legend of Zelda, The
Answered I went to the cave but I can't take my inventary to feed iris the mushroom. Pls help.   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered Can Zarbon turn into his 2nd form   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Unanswered will willowbrook stables run on windows 8.1?   Saddle Club, The: Willowbrook Stables
Unanswered How do u delete your progress I wanna reset it so I can start from the beginning?   Jewel Mania
Answered How do you do find the Dragon?????   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered how do I get onto the place where I can drag my potion onto furdiburp? thanks   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered How do call your dog because the circle that calls the dog over isn't there they say call your dog over then say the command she/he learned but I don't know I try to speak but doesn't work plz help   Nintendogs
Answered I just taught my dog its name and I have been instructed to continue to call it. How do I do that if there is no button to start the voice input?   Nintendogs
Unanswered Do I need a startup game to have it work? I am desperate for an answer.   Game Shark
Unanswered how do i get all friend areas with cheats   Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Answered how do u get negitve karma   Stick RPG
Answered Where and at what time can you find the top left ghost?   Furdiburb - Lite
Unanswered will a gameshark for the original gameboy cartridges work with advance cartridges? and will the original gameshark fit in properly to a gameboy sp?   GameShark
Answered how can i catch the sea monster iv been trying very hard... but the fishes i caught is just alternating...   Furdiburb - Lite
Unanswered how to do the 26 hit combo with goku ssj2   Dragon Ball Z: Mugen Edition 2
Answered Where do you find the hamchat "perksie" ?   Hamtaro: Ham Ham Heartbreak
Answered how to find the light for the butterfly inside the volcano what will i do?   Furdiburb - Lite
Answered I am stuck on the first island. I have alreasy thrown the girl across the broken bridge and now I don't know what to do   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered im in the tower of gods and there are two rooms where i have to figure out a riddle for each i cant figure it out idk what to do can you tell me for both riddles   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
Unanswered Which Island do you go to to get the Skull Tree?   The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD