TVGS #88

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Are you ready for a 2 hour extravaganza?

Hello gamers! We've got another huge show that contains a ton of news, a few reviews and an endless supply of emails. There's so much stuff to get to, that we're starting to test a two hour show format. As we like to do, we'll get this gigantic show started off with a recap of the past weeks headlines. You'll hear such things as Microsoft revising their 360 numbers, Take-Two gets sued again and Resident Evil 5's development is confirmed.

Amongst other stories, the gang will tell you about DoA Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 coming to the 360, Monster Rancher Evo is coming stateside and the GameCube's RE4 gets a price cut. Some other news we'll talk about includes Age of Empires III reaching a new milestone, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max pre-orders get a bonus and Ninety-Nine Nights finally has a date with Japan. Up last in the news, Capcom will bring a few games to PCs, EA hands out more pink slips and Indiana's proposed game bill bites the dust.

Once we get past the news, Rich will give you a few Rapid Fire Reviews. He'll start with the demo of Full Auto for the 360 and follow that up with the PSP versions of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse, FIFA Soccer 06, Burnout Legends and Midway Arcade Treasures. He'll even throw in his thoughts on Marble Blast Ultra. The gang will close out the show with a few segments of reading and responding to emails. Enjoy!

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