Apple's iPad Tablet Poised to Deliver for Gamers


Apple is in the middle of announcing their iPad Tablet computer.  Let's be 100% clear here - it looks to me like the iPad is simply an upscaled iPhone, with all of its flaws, yet all of its excellence, intact at this larger size.

Based on what we've seen thus far, the iPad does a good, if not stellar, job of delivering fun experiences for gamers.  On the positive side, the iPad is fully compatible with all existing iPhone apps currently in the marketplace.  This means that you don't have to worry about what device you're buying the game for, and won't have to look at minimum system requirements. 

Electronic Arts just demonstrated Need for Speed: Shift on the Apple iPad.  The game, while shown briefly, looks good, if a little standard. Likewise, earlier in the presentation GameLoft also showed off a first person shooter called Nova.  The graphics look just OK.  Is "OK" good enough for the iPad?  We'll see when the device hits the market.  The fact that big publishers are on board is a boon for gamers, and the fact that the iPad can leverage the publisher's existing iPhone resources is great news for everyone.

Another bit of fantastic news for gamers is that the days of crappy battery life are OVER.  The iPad gets 10 hours of usage, Apple claims, which is about 5-8 hours MORE battery life than your average portable game system.

The iPad also has a 3G version of the device, which means that you could do multiplayer games anywhere you want.

The Apple iPad also seems to be relatively affordable.  Although the device will at a minimum cost $200 more than a PlayStation 3 ($500), it has a variety of price points to meet different budgets.

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