VGS: #390, Video Games Show

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Video Games Show

PS4?  Xbox 720?  Who's going to be the winner?  Maybe both?  Probably neither.  Join us as we sift through the rumors and realize that we actually agree with Gamestop on some issues... (I know, right?)  Stick around as we get to emails and Rich reviews the new Devil May Cry game.  All this and more on this week's rant-laiden Video Games Show!

Check out this week's show...

The Video Games Show is created and broadcast every week from St. Louis. Experienced radio hosts Rich Bergin and Nick Kraft team up to bring you two hours of News, Reviews, Commentary, and your Emails. The show can be heard on KSLU Radio in St. Louis, streaming on the All Games Network, streaming live as the show is being recorded at, and of course here at Stage Select. The show is also available in podcast form in the iTunes store under both the Stage Select feed and the Video Games Show feed. Join the thousands of loyal VGS listeners today!

Download the Show (VGS #390, 43.2MB)

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