Grand Theft Auto V Has a Dog You Can Command - Here's the Command List!(#GTAV)

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V Allows you to Issue commands to your dog - you can now issue several commands to your 'pet' dog Chop in Grand Theft Auto 5.  You can tell the dog to Sit, give you his paw, Beg, or you can pet the dog.  Chop can distract people while Franklin reposeses their cars.  Chop will also hunt for collectibles on your behalf. 

Once you have the smartphone app for the dog, here are the commands you can issue Chop in GTA 5.

Here are the commands that you can tell Chop, the dog in GTA5. 


Command Xbox 360 Controls PS3 Controls
Beg A X
Hunt For Collectibles RT R1
Pet Y Triangle
Shake B Square
Sit X Circle
Walk/Dismiss RB R2
Whistle (Come) Left Left
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