Automatically Browse Web Sites While You Game


Do you have a second monitor?  Do you want status messsages to appear automatically while you game?  Sick of long intermissions between rounds of a game? 

The Background Web Browser automatically browses sites on your second monitor while you game on your first monitor.  The Background Web Browser can be used in any situation where you can't readily reach the keyboard or are actively using antother screen.  I developed the Background Web Browser about a month ago or so as a simple way for me to keep up with news while gaming.  While many PC game stores contain a built in browser, the built in browser interrupts your game play - it's a less than ideal option if you're just looking to glance at a few of your favorite sites.  Since creating the program, I've found it really helpful for reading sites while on the treadmill (I use it on a Media Center PC on a TV).  This program would probably also work fairly well for things like kiosks and the like.

The program is fairly simple.  It's a Chrome based browser running on a timer.  You can click the "Stop" button to prevent the browser from loading the next site, or you can click the "Next" button to load the next site in your list.  Using the address bar, it's also possible to load any site that you'd like at any time.  Google Search is the default search engine for any time you mistype a web site name or just want to find something new.  Because games cover the clock on PC, I've added a clock that updates occasionally as well.

Background Web Browser keeps two text files in the public documents folder - one for the web sites you visit frequently, and one to track how long the program should browse each site (in seconds).  The Options menu allows you to edit these files within the program, but if you want, you can edit them in your favorite text editor.  Because the web browser internally is Chrome-based, you can be assured that all of your favorite web sites will render properly. 

The browser is configured to run in a kind of "private" mode.  The browser only keeps cookies for the duration of the session you're using it, and history, etc isn't intentionally kept. 

Download the browser here: (the software is my personal creation, so it installs to a Larsontown folder - you can of course change the folder while you install).

The Background Web Browser is freeware, and is intended for non-commercial use (because that's the license specified by the controls I'm using - if you need a commerical license, I could arrange for that).


Browse Web Sites automatically



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