AMD Announces New Radeon Graphics Prices - Gaming Value and Power on Display


Today, AMD announced a competitive set of price points for their new graphics card line.  Although the R9 290X pricing wasn't yet discussed, the remainder of the new Radeon line was detailed out by AMD.  The R9 290X is AMD's highest end card, and several sources peg it as being as powerful as the GeForce Titan, but for a cost wekk under the Titan's $1000.  Many gamers find themselves more concerned with the more value-oriented cards one or two tiers down the Radeon line, to get as much gaming value possible into their PC.  To that end, AMD offers the Radeon R9 270X and R9 280X, along with three R7 products, and they announced prices on all of these products

The R9 280X is a $299 card.  This is a bit of an odd price point, putting it about $50 more expensive than the competing GeForce 760, but a full $100 less than the GeForce 770.  As you may expect, the R9 280X is a faster card than the 760, justifying the extra $50 rather well.  However, at its heart, the 280X is a re-tweak of the 7970Ghz edition, and as such, it trades blows with the GeForce 770 (which itself is a rebranded GeForce 680).  The key takeaway here is that you get a lot of graphics card value at $300 now!  It's an extraordinary card at a slightly high, but completely justified, price point.

The R7 270X is a $199 card, competing with cards like the GeForce 660, and in most benchmarks that have been run, it beats the 660's performance.  Against the more expensive GeForce 660ti, the 270X competes really well.  This gives PC gamers a new "sweet spot" of performance versus price.  

At $139, the R7 260X competes directly in the space occupied by the GeForce 650Ti Boost, but is a few dollars less expensive.  The key about this price point is that you can get some full 1080p gaming (at high detail levels), for a rather appealing price point. 

Finally, the R7 250 price point was announced at $89.

The R9 series of cards should be generally available on Friday of this week. 



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