E3 2014: Nintendo Shows New Trailer for Hyrule Warriors

Wii U

 Nintendo has announced that Hyrule Warriors will be released for the Wii U on September 26th, and will let you play the game as Midina, and imp-like creature from Twilight Princess, and Princess Zelda.

Of course, both Link and Impa will be available in the game.  Hyrule Warriors can be played as a two player coop experience, with one person using the Wii U controller, and the other using a Wii remote and the TV as their experience. 

Hyrule Warriors is very much like Dynasty Warriors, which is to say that it will feature hoards of enemies to overcome, and feature a ranking system for your attacks. Team Ninja developed the game, known for titles like Ninja Gaiden. 

StageSelect.com's coverage of the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2014 continues. We'll be bringing you all of the news to come out of the E3 Conference, as the event happens. Stay tuned June 9th through June 13th for additional details on brand new games as they're revealed for the first time to the game playing public.

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