Stage Select Will Be Down For Maintenance (Server Move)

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Stage Select has been online since November of 2002, and in those long years, we've had many moves.  This one is a bit last minute, but our service provider wouldn't give us the same discount on a renewal as on a new server.  So, we're moving!  We're packing our bags for a cheaper, faster, and more spacious server! 

Because this is a bit last minute, it's entirely possible that our DNS records won't be updated by the time our present server goes offline for good. 

I'm posting this, not as a garauntee that there will be some downtime, but as a "yeah, we might be down" message. 

I expect any outage to be resolved within 48 hours.  As a happy side note, this is our first planned outage in the last several years. 

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and we'll see you on our new server!

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