PS3 Shocker: $600 Version Doesn't Ship With Cables?

Buy This Item (****2 updates to story, see below)
According to the PS3 web site (which has very recently been updated), the $600 dollar (US) version of the PlayStation 3 does not ship with a HDMI cable
. Upon reading the FAQ carefully, it's possible to come to the conclusion that the PS3 doesn't come with any HDTV cables. That's right, according to their FAQ located here, neither version of the system will ship with the HDMI cable, rendering highest definition playback of movies problematic. It's also pretty odd to see this text: "Video output in HD requires cables and an HD-compatible display both sold seperately." (emphasis mine)

Here is the FAQ question at issue:

Read the first asterisk carefully: "Copy-protected Blu-ray video discs can only output at 1080p using an HDMI cable connected to a device that is compatible with the HDCP standard." Actually, this text hides the true 'severity' of the situation. If you're playing Blu Ray discs that are copy protected, and you don't have a HDMI cable, the quality will be degraded to just a touch above DVD resolution - REGARDLESS of the display (720p or 1080i). This is an unfortunate feature of the Image Constraint tolken (see this Wikipedia article)

Sony has repeatedly stated that their $600 system can play movies and games in crystal clear 1080p. What they're not being so bold about stating... To play Blu Ray movies in their proper resolutions (720p, 1080i, or 1080p), you really need to spend more. The next bullet points really hammer the point home.

Let's look at that section closer, shall we?

What does that mean for Sony fans? It means that if you have a HDTV (of ANY type, not just the new 1080p kind) and you have a desire to buy Blu Ray movies, you should buy an additional cable to play them at their intended resolution. The HDMI cables that I've seen online and in stores retail for anywhere between $30 and $50.

So, if you were intending to use the PS3 to play Blu Ray movies, your real cost is about $650. That's with no game or movie included, that we know of. And... probably a single controller.

(****2 Updates (9/4, 1:30pm EST): 
1 - Readers are pointing out that their Internet sources for HDMI cables are less than my sources, and that some studios won't be using ICT - thanks for the tips, and
2 - PS3 will likely ship with Component cables, which is all that is needed for HD gaming - I concur that this is most likely, and understand that gaming is unaffected.)

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pixelSHREDDER, 9/2/2006 8:01:55 PM
Score: 0  
I know Sony can take a 'loss' and ship it with Hitch... but there's no way it's coming with a controller.
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 4:57:07 PM
Score: 0  
That's Sony...
These are the same people who developed the Betamax... opps that failed, the same who developed UMD, opps another failure, what about the ProDuo Flash memory, my bad another flop. The BluRay is another poorly thought out standard. My HDTV 1080i does not even have a HDMI or DVI plug in...and there is a LARGE pile of this standard TV in the US. Sony can not even follow there own standard.. A DVD+R will not always play in a PS2.. both are Sony! Sony can not force this standard... Nintendo Wii and XBOX 360.
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 5:01:57 PM
Score: 0  
you can get an HDMI cable for $10. Not a big deal.
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 5:34:48 PM
Score: 0  
Well if its only 10 bucks and not a big deal then Sony should just include it. Im loving my 360 more and more when I read crap like this :)
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 9:55:22 PM
Score: 0  
"Video output in HD requires cables and an HD-compatible display both sold seperately." HDMI is required by the AACS standard for 1080p output. 1080i output has no such restriction. The PS3 will come with component cables just like the 360. Unless English is a foreign language, that quote above means that the PS3 comes with neither an HDMI cable nor an HDTV, of which the second should come as no surprise. I use my HDMI connector for output from my PC to my TV and my 360's connected to my component in. That leaves no room for the PS3 which is good because a PS3 would leave TONS of room in my bank account with those $600 gone.
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 10:07:40 PM
Score: 1  
Actually, without HDMI/HDCP, you cannot play ANY HD content from blu-ray OR HD DVD. 720p, 1080i, 1080p none of it. The player will downgrade the signal to near dvd resolution (I think 480p or so) on any other connection. That includes converters that convert from HDMI to DVI, that can't do the encryption of HDCP.
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 10:07:44 PM
Score: 0  
It's worse than that...
Not all HDTVs have HDMI input - especially not the cheapy ones your average consumer buys. So a person wanting to their BD movies in 1080p might need a new TV again. Then again your average consumer probably isn't smart enough to realize they're not getting 1080p; 480p and the placebo effect of people thinking their seeing HD is enough to impress the average tech oblivious person.
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 10:50:50 PM
Score: 0  
oops I forgot Bluray isnt proprietary
Looks like somebody forgot that Bluray isnt a proprietary format like UMD. Oops. Isnt Bluray a media standard being developed by not only Sony but a couple dozen other big name brands? And doesnt it currently have the most exclusive support by film companies. Yep. Oops again. Wasnt Sony one of the main companies that created DVD? Yep. Triple oops. We're full of oops' today arent we
Anonymous, 9/3/2006 11:03:10 PM
Score: 0  
oops You forgot DVD was born from SD, a group headed by Toshiba...
From the DVD Wikipedia "Philips and Sony abandoned their MMCD format and agreed upon Toshiba's SD format (not to be confused with secure digital cards) with two modifications that are both related to the servo tracking technology." So much for credibility...
ArugulaZ, 9/4/2006 5:03:21 AM
Score: 0  
Sony: Now you're paying for power!

Anonymous, 9/4/2006 7:17:50 AM
Score: 0  
re: oops I forgot Bluray isnt proprietary
Ooops you forgot that Sony is the controlling company in the blu-ray consortium. Oops, Sony bought MGM in order to shore up Hollywood support for *their* format. Oops, go back to the Sony PR department, you drone.
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 12:17:53 PM
Score: 1  
Dude you will not find a $10 HDMI cable you will find all of them around and much more than $100. THe Cheapest one online I found was $80 for a no-name brand, that is only 3' (1m). See you will not get to play in 1080p without an far argument sake it will cost you over $700 to be able to play in the 1080p that Sony is saying is the only true HD(which is BS). If it will ship with component then you'll be able to play in 720p and 1080i NOT 1080p
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 12:28:10 PM
Score: 0  
Meh, I'm already using my HDMI cable for my upconvert DVD player, so if I decide to get a PS3, no biggie for me, I'll just quit using the DVD player and use the PS3 to watch movies..
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 12:29:07 PM
Score: 1  
Wikipedia article -- "the Image Constraint Token (ICT), which restricts the output-resolution without HDCP to 960×540...Warner Pictures is a proponent of the ICT, and it is expected that Paramount will also implement it". So it doesn't look like ICT will affect every movie, which means standard cables are probably OK for most movies. Still, how insane.
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 12:52:26 PM
Score: 0  
Cheap HDMI cables
Here are some cheap hdmi cables: - part no: 01752 $8.50 usd for 2 meter HDMI cable -Karl
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 2:16:31 PM
Score: 0  
MONOPRICE.COM has HDMI cables priced at around 3-4 dollars. Yes, I bought them Yes, they work the same as the 80 dollar version. Yes, we are routinely gouged with new technology products that really cost nothing for them to manufacture.
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 2:37:31 PM
Score: 0  
Where the hell are you shopping if HDMI cables cost $100? Hopefully thats some south american jungle currency since Ive seen long gold plated HDMI cables for less than 20 bucks. And duh, Xbox360 plays HD games without HDMI, so there must be more than one way to play HD games.
Anonymous, 9/4/2006 7:23:41 PM
Score: 0  
Oops looks like someone forgot that the more movie studios Sony owns, the more support bluray will recieve regardless of how that support is obtained, so your point just makes you look like a dumbass. If you want to buy an HDDVD player because it makes you feel like you're fighting the man then go right ahead, just dont expect to watch many movies on it thanks to Sony being part of half the movie industry. Fight the power fanboy.
Anonymous, 1/12/2008 4:49:13 PM
Score: 0  
High quality HDMI cables available at
High quality HDMI cables available at

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