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NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 11, 2008 – Mobile games developer TiltnTwist announced today four motion-based games developed on the Windows Mobile platform using GestureTek Mobile’s world-leading gesture recognition software. Snowboarding TNT and DropZone are available today at HyperHamster and DUI: The Long Drive Home will be available shortly.
The power of gesture-controlled games on mobile devices is two-fold: the technology precludes the need for players to bother with the inconvenience and hassle of controlling action via small buttons on handsets; and it greatly enhances the “fun factor” by adding hand movements into the dynamics of game play.
“TiltnTwist is greatly expanding the availability of gesture-controlled games from the iPhone to pretty much every type of mobile handset on the market,” said Robert Goodale, co-founder with Trev Huxley of TiltnTwist. “Every family member – regardless of age – can have fun with games controlled by hand and body movements rather than tiny buttons.”  
Mr. Goodale also noted his team’s early recognition of the value of gesture technology in games, citing the release of their gesture-controlled Tilt-A-World game weeks before the Wii launch.
GestureTek Mobile is the inventor of the patented, multiple award-winning EyeMobile® Engine, the world’s first software-only solution that lets people interact with their mobile device using motion or gestures. Using the device’s existing camera to track the movement of the phone and the user, EyeMobile lets people play either pre-loaded or downloadable motion-driven games simply by tilting, shaking, rocking or rolling their phone, rather than pressing buttons.  
“By using GestureTek Mobile’s optical tracking solution for their Windows Mobile games, TiltnTwist has positioned itself to unleash the power of gesture-driven interaction to mobile users worldwide,” said Francis MacDougall, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for GestureTek. 
Join genius hamster Captain Weevil as he tests his free-roaming mobile lab inside a clear rolling ball. Utilizing the unique technology of GestureTek, players control the ball's direction simply with the motion of their phone. Move the phone to maneuver the hamster as it floats and jumps to explore the world. Drift left and right as you hover airborne and roll along the ground to travel through each level. Speed up and slow down with a single motion and rock the phone for jumping power. Shake your phone to break free of spider webs and gobs of goo. HyperHamster was developed by OneNine Studios at
Snowboarding TNT
A popular winter sport is captured in Snowboarding TNT which has 3D graphics that exploit capabilities of Windows Mobile handsets. Camera- and gesture-controlled navigation steers players through gates, around obstacles, and over jumps. Players can perform 30 air tricks on 9 courses, with the ability to link tricks to create custom sequences, and can obtain power-ups to increase speed and score.
TiltNTwist’s DropZone is an exhilarating Windows Mobile skydiving game that uses 3D graphics and EyeMobile control for a compelling 10-skydive adventure. GestureTek’s EyeMobile application uses the device’s existing camera to power motion-based mobile games and mobile applications. Camera-controlled action gives a realistic first person point of view as players test their aerial prowess dropping through balloon rings, and hitting ground targets for maximum points.
DUI: The Long Drive Home
Windows Mobile players follow Humphrey through his night of debauchery as he parties around town, has maybe a little too much to drink, and tries to get himself home – all the while trying to avoid being discovered by his wife. Players are faced with 10 mini-game challenges including getting the keys in the car ignition, driving home safely without smashing into obstacles, and the ultimate test – passing the dreaded field sobriety test. Five levels of difficulty make DUI: The Long Drive Home increasingly more difficult and fun, and local leader boards let players return again and again to improve their scores.
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