Axl Rose Slams Activision for Denying Slash's Involvement in Guitar Hero

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Guitar Hero III Controversy erupts

In a massive 4,000+ word missive by Axl Rose, the singer addresses several hot topics regarding his latest album, Chinese Democracy.  Right alongside discussion of the Guns n' Roses breakup, he takes a few minutes to discuss the  "low life chicanery" at Activision for denying Slash's involvement in Guitar Hero.

Furthermore, Axl explains that he does not believe that Activision properly obtained rights to the band's name, and assertains that there may be some "sorting out" to do in regards to rights to the name.

To avoid any misattibution, here's the entirety of the quote regarding Guitar Hero:

"It doesn’t bother me unless it’s being done at my expense and or to keep him associated as in Guitar Hero. Him being Guitar Hero’s fine but not when Activison in using Jungle, having Yahoo use Sweet Child unauthorized, claims no involvement with Slash, his or anyone’s image or VR or anyone or anyone’s music in either camp in promotion or commercials etc. I wasn’t broadsided. I read about it as it moved along but Activision continually denied it right up to the release. That’s some low life chicanery on all their parts.

Yes Slash was in Guns and on Jungle (and the whole I came to him for his riff is as much crap as him saying he brought Locomotive and Coma in as complete songs) and he has rights to perform it but not to be represented in this context in association with Guns. And since they weren’t granted the license it’ll take some sorting.

Universal has Guns under contract but I own the name.

I don’t have problems with whoever doing the songs but film or video gets into sync rights and I don’t have an interest in anyone new, old or whatever trying to sell themselves as GNR under another name that way."

At this time, Activision has not responded to the condemnation from Axl Rose, but while playing the game, it's apparent that the Guns N Roses logo is not used anywhere in the title.  Is the simple acknowledgement of the name of the band enough to warrant a legal complaint?  One thing is certain:  Axl Rose doesn't have a high opinion of the people involved in the production of the game.

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