NEC Turbo Duo / Turbo Grafx CD Games

  Title Codes Review Images Answers Publisher
Addam Addam's Family        
Air Zonk Air Zonk        
Beyond Shadowgate Beyond Shadowgate        
Bonk 3 CD Bonk 3 CD         NEC
Buster Brothers Buster Brothers        
Camp California Camp California        
Cosmic Fantasy 2 Cosmic Fantasy 2        
Cotton Cotton        
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer        
Dungeon Explorer 2 Dungeon Explorer 2        
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master        
DuoTap DuoTap         NEC
Dynastic Hero Dynastic Hero        
Exile Exile        
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon Exile: Wicked Phenomenon        
Fighting Street Fighting Street        
Final Zone 2 Final Zone 2        
Forgotten Worlds Forgotten Worlds        
Gate of Thunder / Bonk Gate of Thunder / Bonk's Adventure / Bonk's Revenge         NEC
Godzilla Godzilla